10, Aug 2023
Striking 106% Surge in Female Applicants for Telecalling Executives reveals a data report released by WorkIndia

Striking 106% Surge in Female Applicants for Telecalling Executives reveals a data report released by WorkIndia

National, 10th August 2023: WorkIndia, India’s leading tech platform for blue-collar recruitment, has recently released a data report that showcases a remarkable 106% upsurge in female applicants for telecalling executive roles. This surge contributes significantly to the overall 84% increase in demand witnessed within the Tele-calling sector, signifying a notable transformation in the industry’s landscape.

The data analysis not only underlines the substantial increase in female applicants but also draws attention to the geographical distribution of this growth. Chennai leads the pack with an astounding 224% surge in demand for telecalling executives, followed closely by Bengaluru at 212%, and Mumbai at 202%. Additionally, other key cities like Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Pune have also witnessed noteworthy growth rates, solidifying the trend’s nationwide impact.

Furthermore, the report delves into the gender composition within the Tele-calling sector, revealing that the industry is predominantly driven by female candidates, constituting an impressive 58.4% of the total workforce. In contrast, male candidates make up the remaining 41.6% of the Tele-calling workforce.

The surge in demand for Tele-calling executives can be attributed to a multitude of factors. One significant factor is the rapid digitization of various industries, prompting heightened customer interaction and engagement through telephonic channels. The growth of e-commerce, online services, and remote work arrangements have amplified the necessity for skilled telecallers to effectively connect with customers.

Moreover, the telecalling sector plays a pivotal role in society by facilitating seamless communication between businesses and their clientele. In an era where personalized customer service holds immense value, telecallers serve as crucial touchpoints, adeptly addressing queries, providing assistance, and ensuring overall customer satisfaction. This underscores the sector’s pivotal role in nurturing robust customer relationships and driving business expansion.

Commenting on the report analysis, Nilesh Dungarwal, Co-founder and CEO, WorkIndia, expressed, ” At WorkIndia, we are committed to bridging the divide between job seekers and employers with utmost transparency and an efficient process. The notable surge in female applicants for tele-calling roles showcases the evolving workforce dynamics in India. This growth signifies not just the expanding demands of the industry, but also the increasing opportunities for women to excel in roles that require exceptional customer-centric skills.”

WorkIndia’s purpose of existence is to provide meaningful livelihoods to the 258Mn blue-collar workers of India. This 258Mn is the single largest segment in the entire world, which has not been disrupted by technology as yet. WorkIndia is the only platform in India that is technologically solving a massive pain point i.e. Fraudulent jobs for the 258M segment. Driven solely by technology, the platform has built a recruitment ecosystem that eliminates middlemen, and fraudulent jobs while providing job seekers with a platform they can trust when it comes to finding genuine job opportunities.

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