29, Jun 2023
The Middle Mile Is No Longer The Supply Chain’s Middle Child

CloudSort Corporation Challenges the Supply Chain Status Quo with a Dynamic Panel Discussion around the Power and Importance of a Modular Middle Mile

SupplyTech Breakthrough honors CloudSort with its Sortation System Innovation of the Year Award


BELLEVUE, WA, June 29, 2023 – CloudSort Corporation, a leading logistics technology company redefining how packaged goods move through the supply chain, marked its next industry impact recently at the Home Delivery World conference in Philadelphia from June 14-15, 2023. CloudSort curated a panel of supply chain and logistics leaders to dive into a robust discussion around the under-innovated and often ignored, yet vital middle mile. As a pioneering innovator of the middle mile, CloudSort discussed how its proprietary and modular Cloud-based software platform creates mutually-beneficial partnerships – all while delivering value that enhances the end customer experience.

The panel was moderated by Kevin Lawton, founder and host of The New Warehouse podcast, which has featured CloudSort CEO and Founder Derek Szopaon its podcast, and included a diverse group of experts across the supply chain including:

  • Ryan Park, Head of Product & Insights, CloudSort
  • Ellen Voie, CEO/Founder/President, Women In Trucking
  • Allison Ullrich, Director of Supply Chain, Outer
  • Dwight Shakespeare, eCommerce Director, Jillamy

“It’s no surprise that the middle mile has historically been deprioritized within the industry, however, we continue to see increasing attention being given to its importance and ability to transport goods from points A to B more efficiently thanks to the technological advancements transforming today’s supply chain,” said Derek Szopa, CEO of CloudSort. “We were inspired to bring partners and industry experts together in our panel discussion to share the ways a modular middle mile can do just that for their businesses, shippers, carriers, and the end-consumer.” 

Honoring Technology Innovation

Having tackled some of the middle mile’s biggest challenges, CloudSort’s cloud-based sortation software brings together all the players – omnichannel retailers, online retailers, fulfillment centers and third-party logistics businesses (3PLs), shippers, carriers and end-consumers – with an ecosystem that reduces capital intensity and improves efficiency by moving work to the point of greatest value creation.

With the middle mile becoming more prominent in the industry, companies are taking steps to directly control aspects of their delivery experience, and CloudSort enables them to make smarter choices about how shipments move along the supply chain, benefiting e-commerce by extending order windows and providing capacity that scales. As a result of this, CloudSort’s modular platform has just been named Sortation System Innovation of the Year by SupplyTech Breakthrough, which received more than 1,400 nominations and recognizes the world’s best companies, products and services in the supply chain technology and logistics industry.

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