17, Sep 2023
VST Industries in collaboration with Round Table India develops the infrastructure of 4 rural government schools


Hyderabad, September 17, 2023… Hyderabad-based VST Industries in collaboration with Round Table India’s local arm, Hyderabad Titans Round Table Charitable Trust, developed the infrastructure of 4 rural government schools at a cost of INR 2 crore in the city outskirts at Toopran and Brahmanpally in Medak District.

On the whole 10 classrooms and 3 toilet blocks were constructed across 4 schools. 60 dual school benches too were organised.

The details of the newly created facilities include 3 classroom blocks constructed at Tupran ZPHS Boys High School; Toilet Block at Tupran ZPHS Girls High School; ZPHS Brahmanpally School Block and MPPS Brahmanpally School Block. The Toilet blocks were also inaugurated at three schools.

Round Table India is a Young Men’s Organisation consisting of successful businessmen and professionals who believe in bringing about change and excellence in themselves and their community. It has built 7890 Classrooms in 3347 Projects impacting 8.67 million children across India.

All these facilities were just inaugurated by Aditya Deb Gooptu, MD of VST Industries Ltd, accompanied by Anish Gupta, Chief Financial Officer and Amit Arora Chief Human Resources Officer., Tablers Krishna Sudhir Dogiparthi, Vikrant Hanumantu and Ankit Sethi, disclosed in a press statement issued by Titans Round Table Charitable Trust in Hyderabad on Sunday.

Aditya Deb Gooptu says” Investing in education is an investment in the future of our community. Together, we can create a brighter future for our students and our community. We are happy to be partners and friends in the growth story of the poor children. Aditya Deb advised teachers to inculcate values in the students. He told students to be good human beings and proud citizens. Be proud Indians and Telanganites. These initiatives are set to positively impact the lives of 7,500 students over the course of the next quarter-century, he said

It is evident that VST’s commitment represents a substantial investment both in terms of financial support and sincere effort towards giving back to society, the VST official added.

The collaboration between VST and Round Table India serves as an exemplary model of how businesses can bring about meaningful change within their communities. This initiative holds the promise of a brighter future for countless students, equipping them with the tools to excel in their education and beyond.

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