7, Jul 2023
Anant School for Climate Action (ASCA) invites applications to the Anant Fellowship in Built Environment.

Ahmedabad, July 2023: The Anant School for Climate Action (ASCA), a part of AnantU in Ahmedabad, India, is pleased to announce that applications are now open for the prestigious Anant Fellowship in Built Environment. This one-year post-graduate programme aims to inspire thought-leaders and built environment solutionaries through a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary curriculum and hands-on experiential learning process. Last round of admissions is on 15th July 2023.

Anant School for Climate Action

The Anant Fellowship in Built Environment is designed to prepare and empower students and young practitioners to create equitable and sustainable solutions for the built environment. The programme explores various disciplines, including urban development and sustainability, art appreciation, philosophy, social sciences, design thinking, and gender studies. By fostering a holistic approach, fellows gain a well-rounded understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the built environment field.

The Live-Action Project (LAP) is a highlight of the programme, an eight-month experiential track that allows fellows to apply their knowledge and skills to address real-life problems in their local communities. Through this hands-on experience, fellows develop practical solutions that positively impact society.

At the Anant Fellowship, classroom learning is complemented by field visits, mentoring from inspiring faculty, and engagement with experts from around the world.

The Anant Fellowship has established academic partnerships with renowned institutions such as the UNESCO Chair on Inclusive Museums and Sustainable Heritage Development, The International Institute for Inclusive Museums, and Pratt Institute. These partnerships further enrich the programme and provide fellows with unique opportunities for collaboration and global exposure.

Anant Fellowship is the global flagship programme at Anant National University running since 2017. The one-year residential programme has trained more than 150+ Fellows from across 6 continents and 18+ countries. The varied backgrounds and specializations have enabled a rich crossflow of ideas, experiences and effective approaches to solving global built environment problems.

Eligibility: Undergraduate degree in any discipline committed to improving the built environment.

Link: https://anu.edu.in/programme/anant-fellowship/

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