8, Jul 2024
Author Sean Ferguson’s New Book, A Layman’s Look at Life

Author Sean Ferguson’s New Book, A Layman's Look at Life

Hixson, TN, July 08, 2024 –Sean Ferguson, who is currently retired and living with his wife and their two dogs in Hixson, Tennessee, has completed his new book, “A Layman’s Look at Life: A Road Less Traveled”: a captivating exploration of existence that seamlessly blends science, religion, philosophy, and personal reflection.

Having spent most of his working life in sales, author Sean Ferguson has one US patent for a valve design. He spent over twenty-five years selling in industries ranging from nuclear power, food, and beverage to refining and petrochemicals. Ferguson also spent fourteen years in telecom and wide area network sales. Ever restless, he even drove eighteen-wheelers from Southern California to Eastern Canada for almost three years in his early sixties. The author is a former avid skydiver, motorcyclist, skier, and scuba diver, and enjoys traveling with his wife, reading, listening to music, and now writing.

“I never would have claimed to be a religious person until just recently,” writes Ferguson. “I always believed there was a God, and I believed Jesus lived, died on the cross, and rose from the dead. These are things learned by rote when I was a kid. I had a mental image of these things and had seen movies and many graphic representations of the stories I was told. However, I wasn’t taught the Bible and didn’t know that it told a complete story about mankind and God’s plan for human beings. Despite that, I always found myself trying to reconcile the ideas of people who said there was no God and those who believe. I was looking for evidence in the material world to attach to the possibility/probability that God does exist. Decades before I ever heard the term apologetics, I was trying to be an apologist. So what follows is how this layman has come to explain what I believe and why I believe it.”

The author continues, “I hope that what I have to share will inspire or provoke the reader to look deeper in this direction for another way to find a real, dependable, and lasting way to feel good and secure in life.

“What I’ll say to you is please read the entire book. Take what you need or can use, and just leave the rest. If what I have written helps you in any way or even leads you to a belief in God and a reliance on the Bible, I’ve done what I’ve set out to do.”

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