8, Jul 2024
Symphony Solutions Launches BetHarmony, A Game-Changing AI Assistant for iGaming

Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 08, 2024 –-Symphony Solutions, the Dutch-based AI, Cloud, & Agile transformation company, announces the launch of BetHarmony, an advanced AI-powered assistant designed specifically for the iGaming industry. This new platform aims to revolutionize user interaction for both casino and sportsbook operators.

After a successful proof of concept and positive feedback from industry leaders, Symphony Solutions has officially launched BetHarmony. This AI assistant is set to enhance various aspects of user experience, from initial onboarding to advanced betting capabilities. BetHarmony promises to ensure that all players receive VIP treatment with a human-like, responsive service. The platform stands out by offering a set of powerful tools aimed at improving user acquisition, engagement, retention and exceptional instant 24/7 customer support.

Eduardo Remedios, VP of iGaming at Symphony Solutions, expressed his excitement about the launch: “Launching BetHarmony marks a significant milestone for us. Driven by groundbreaking AI research and insights from our proof of concept, this platform is designed to lift user experience while providing operators with tools to enhance engagement and retention.

“Our first release offers casino version features and customer support.The casino version has been developed based on insights gathered from in-depth market research and feedback by early adopters.”

Key Features of the BetHarmony Casino

Enhanced Search Capabilities: Players can search for games by attributes such as type, provider, and language, using advanced semantic search technology for more relevant results.

Customizable UI Styles for Operators: This feature allows operators to customize the user interface to better align with their branding and user preferences.

Real-Time Critical Alerts: The platform provides instant alerts on critical metrics, aiding operators in maintaining system stability and enhancing user satisfaction.

Automated FAQ and Support: With a robust FAQ database and advanced logging mechanisms, the platform ensures users receive timely and accurate support.

Advanced Reporting Tools: Detailed analytics on user interactions and system errors are available to operators, enabling informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

Eduardo further highlighted, “This platform represents a significant evolution in how users engage with online casinos. With features like enhanced search capabilities and real-time alerts, BetHarmony is not merely responding to current industry needs but is also setting the stage for future innovations.”

Future Developments

The launch of BetHarmony is the first step in Symphony Solutions’ vision for the future of iGaming. The company plans to extend BetHarmony’s capabilities to sportsbook operators, with features such as automated customer support, enhanced search for specific sports event bets, support for multiple types of odds, and more. This update is expected to be released in early September.

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