6, Sep 2023
Bachpan Play School Celebrates Teacher’s Day with Grandeur Across All Branches

Bachpan Play School Celebrates Teacher's Day with Grandeur Across All Branches

New Delhi, 6th September 2023 – Bachpan Play School, a premier early childhood education institution, marked Teacher’s Day with a heartfelt and joyous celebration at all its branches. The occasion was a tribute to the remarkable educators who play a pivotal role in shaping the young minds of tomorrow.

Teacher’s Day, observed on September 5th each year to commemorate the birth anniversary of the great philosopher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, is a day to recognize and honor the dedication and hard work of educators. At Bachpan Play School, this day was celebrated with a series of special events and activities that highlighted the essential contributions of teachers.

The festivities included a variety of creative performances, interactive sessions, and heartwarming tributes. Students, parents, and staff came together to express their gratitude for the unwavering commitment of Bachpan Play School’s teaching faculty in nurturing and guiding young learners.

“Teacher’s Day is a momentous occasion for us, as it allows us to acknowledge the incredible dedication and passion our educators bring to their roles,” said Mr. Ajay Gupta, Founder of Bachpan Play Schools and Academic Heights Public Schools. “Our teachers are the cornerstones of our institution, shaping the future by instilling knowledge, values, and a love for learning in our students.”

Bachpan Play School takes immense pride in its educators, who employ innovative and child-centric teaching methods to provide an enriching and supportive environment. Celebrating Teacher’s Day across all branches emphasizes the strong teacher-student bonds that are essential for holistic development and growth.

Parents and guardians actively participated in the celebrations, expressing their appreciation for the impactful role teachers play in their children’s lives. The event served as a reminder of the collaborative effort between parents and educators in nurturing the potential of the next generation.

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