20, Oct 2023
Genesis Global School’s Model United Nations concludes with grandeur

Noida, 20th October 2023: The 8th edition of the Genesis Global School Model United Nations (MUN) conference conducted in collaboration with City One Initiative, a national upskilling organization, concluded with a resounding success, underscoring the importance of diplomacy and international affairs in the academic sphere. The three-day event, held from 13th-15th Oct at Genesis Global School, provided a remarkable platform for students to immerse themselves in the world of diplomacy and engage in meaningful discussions on global issues.

Commenting on the conclusion of the GGS MUN, Ms. Madhur Gupta, Principal CBSE, Genesis Global School said,” The Genesis Global School Model United Nations was a resounding success, and we are incredibly proud of all the students who participated. The MUN showcased young people’s involvement in international affairs, emphasized the effectiveness of cooperation and diplomacy, and served as motivation for the next generation of leaders. It also served as a platform to remind them that their contributions matter and can create a brighter future for all. The delegates showcased great passion and dedication to their work, and produced some truly impressive resolutions. We are confident that the skills and knowledge that they gained at the GGSMUN will prepare them to make a difference in the world.”

The conference commenced with an inspiring ceremony, incorporating diverse cultural elements, including a Marathi dance, a lively Western orchestra, and Ganesh Vandana. Dr Gurjeet Singh, former IFS official, delivered a motivational address on the value of diplomacy and democracy, setting an enthusiastic tone for the event.

Day 2 was the ‘Heart of Diplomacy’, as delegates engaged in extensive discussions and negotiations on various topics, including the weaponization of space and artificial intelligence’s involvement. The day concluded with a ball-themed event called ‘The Neon Masquerade’, a vibrant and student-run Ball, blending diplomacy with celebration and fostering lasting friendships.

Live debates were conducted on crucial global issues, including artificial intelligence, human rights, cybersecurity, and sustainable development. Various committees, such as GA-DISEC, UN, APPM, G20, ECOFIN, IP, and UNW, provided students with an opportunity to express their perspectives and propose solutions.

Also, an award ceremony for the G20 committee was a significant highlight, where outstanding delegates were honoured with prizes, including an all-expense-paid trip to Sri Lanka and other valuable rewards. The final day featured delegates presenting their resolutions, highlighting their dedication and passion for international affairs.

The closing ceremony was a momentous occasion, recognizing exceptional achievements, diplomatic abilities, and teamwork. Delegates were encouraged to pursue careers in international diplomacy, and awards were presented, including trophies, certificates, mementoes, Bluetooth speakers, an electric bicycle, designer ethnic wear, and all-expense-paid trips to countries and resorts.

The national anthem by the 18 Grenadiers of the Indian army was also played during both the opening and closing ceremonies, leaving the delegates in awe. This act symbolized honour and respect, and resonated with the attendees.

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