10, Jul 2023
Nuvepro partners with Imarticus Learning to deliver Secure and Immersive Hands-on Learning Experience for students

Bengaluru, July 10, 2023: Nuvepro, a leading hands-on learning platform, has announced that it has partnered with Imarticus Learning, a leading EdTech firm specializing in finance, analytics, technology, marketing, and management training.

In 2021, Nuvepro collaborated with Imarticus Learning to explore the potential benefits of hands-on experience with cloud technologies in their curriculum.

This collaboration aimed to enhance the learning experience for Imarticus students by adopting a more practical approach to learning in investment banking and other sensitive industries.

Recognizing the initial hurdle faced by Imarticus, which was a pressing need to have robust security measures keeping in mind the sensitive nature of the investment banking industry, Nuvepro seamlessly integrated its expertise in hands-on learning to provide a tailored solution.

With Nuvepro’s partnership, learners at Imarticus can now delve into the intricacies of investment banking with the confidence that cutting-edge security measures fortify their learning environment.

Arun Reddy, COO of Nuvepro, said, “ Through our tailored cloud lab solutions, we empower learners to gain invaluable hands-on skills, making the overall learning process more effective. Security is paramount, especially when serving banking and financial customers. That’s why our lab platform is VAPT performed, ISO27001 certified, and SOC2 compliant, ensuring a secure environment for learners.”

Nuvepro’s collaboration enabled Imarticus to deliver specialized training to renowned banking organizations like DBS Bank and Citi Bank. Imarticus Learning and Nuvepro have also collaborated with Citibank, where multiple programming projects were undertaken, demonstrating the adaptability and scalability of their cloud lab solution.

This collaboration has not only revolutionized the learning experience for students but has also transformed the training method, bridging the gap between academia and industry. By embracing cloud labs, Imarticus has upskilled its learners and equipped them with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to thrive in the investment banking industry.

Nikhil Barshikar, CEO of Imarticus Learning, said, “Nuvepro’s partnership with Imarticus Learning is a game-changer in the education landscape. By integrating hands-on learning and cutting-edge technology, we equip our students with invaluable practical skills in the dynamic business world. We firmly believe this partnership will leave a lasting impact, empowering individuals to lead, innovate, and make a positive difference in their respective fields.”

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