2, Jul 2024
Indian Hospitality Industry Leads Global Adoption of Alkaline and Hydrogen Water with Innovative 3TAP Technology by ACOHI

Pune, Maharashtra, India  In a groundbreaking move, the Indian Hospitality Industry is pioneering the adoption of alkaline and hydrogen water, aiming to enhance the industry’s standards and customer health worldwide. This marks a historic first for the global hospitality sector, introducing the innovative 3TAP Technology designed to revolutionize water usage in hotels, restaurants, and catering units.

Mrs. Arundhati Shashidhar Iyer, Dr. Shashidhar Gokul Iyer, Dr. Sanee Awsarmmel

“Japan has long been a leader in alkaline water benefits, but this is the first time such technology is being tailored for the hospitality industry globally,” said Dr. Sanee Awsarmmel, Chairman of the Hospitality Industry of India & ACOHI. “Our 3TAP Technology will set new benchmarks in water usage for cooking, drinking, and sanitizing, ensuring superior health benefits for customers.”

The Indian bottled water market, valued at USD 3792.39 million in 2023, is projected to nearly triple by 2030. Alkaline and hydrogen water, known for their health benefits, are expected to play a pivotal role in this growth. Panacea H20 Gold 444777, under the leadership of Dr. Shashidhar Gokul Iyer – Founder & Chairman, aims to secure a significant market share by focusing on creating awareness and ensuring the availability of these healthier options.

“We are proud to launch this advanced 3TAP Technology, a product of extensive research and innovation,” said Mrs. Arundhati Shashidhar Iyer, Co-founder & Director of Panacea H20 Gold 444777. “This initiative not only enhances the hospitality industry’s standards but also brings a healthier lifestyle to consumers across India and Asia.”

This initiative, mentored by ACOHI, promises to transform water standards in the hospitality sector, making India a global leader in alkaline and hydrogen water technology.

More information could be accessed at www.acohi.org. You also could get in touch with the organization at inquiries.asia-division@acohi.org.

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