19, Oct 2023
9ICE Launches the ‘Be Together Studio’ Project to Support Delhi’s Sufi Music Talent

9ICE, the eminent purveyor of premium quality products, has launched its groundbreaking ‘Be Together Studio Project’ with unbridled zeal and optimism. This visionary initiative is a resounding testament to their unwavering commitment to nurturing and uplifting the pool of ambitious Sufi singers in Delhi/NCR, who yearn for a grand stage to showcase their artistic prowess.

Under the 9ICE Music venture, the ‘Be Together Studio’ campaign extends a coveted invitation to these gifted artists, granting them unfettered access to cutting-edge recording facilities. They will have the opportunity to professionally immortalize their compositions and carry on the Sufi music tradition. Each artist will craft not only a song but also an accompanying video, both destined for the public’s eager ears and eyes. This melodious journey will unfold in a continuous cascade of monthly releases, spanning over a year, commencing this November.

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This endeavor is not just about music; it’s a vibrant celebration of cultural diversity and a fervent commitment to nurturing artistic brilliance. 9ICE has embraced this noble mission to empower and elevate Delhi’s burgeoning Sufi music scene, providing a common platform for these exceptional artists to showcase their extraordinary talents and perpetuate the cherished legacy of Sufi music.

Shaleen Mathur, the dynamic CEO of 9ICE, has articulated his resolute enthusiasm for this noble undertaking, declaring, “Sufi music transcends mere genre; it is a priceless cultural gem. Through the ‘Be Together Studio’ campaign, we aspire to empower Delhi’s Sufi music talents, propelling them to unprecedented heights.”

Mayur Aggarwal, the founder of the ‘Be Together Studio’ project, also expressed his enthusiasm for this initiative, saying, “We are thrilled to have a talented bunch of musicians who will be the future of the Sufi music landscape. Moreover, we are proud to have such a dynamic and respected group of channels of Partners Lalit Dalmia, Radio Mirchi, and Omaxe. We thank them for their support and guidance in this venture that will brighten the future of some of the best musical talent we have in Delhi”

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In essence, the ‘Be Together Studio’ campaign is the harmonious bridge that connects tradition and innovation, propelling the next generation of Sufi music luminaries towards celestial heights.

9ICE, the revered guardian of niche products, has cast its influence far and wide across the country. This innovative stride in supporting emerging talent while preserving and promoting our rich cultural heritage underscores 9ICE’s steadfast dedication to nurturing the artistic soul of our nation. This is more than just a campaign; it’s a soul-stirring ode to the future of Sufi music.

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