13, Oct 2023
Cinematic Trailblazers Suhasini Maniratnam and Kushboo Sundar Illuminate ABP Network’s ‘The Southern Rising’ Summit

Cinematic Trailblazers Suhasini Maniratnam and Kushboo Sundar Illuminate ABP Network’s 'The Southern Rising' Summit

Chennai, 13th October 2023 – “There are people who don’t think about Box Office. In our generation we used to work for success and not for money. I want the smaller, meaningful films to reach the masses,” renowned actress Suhasini Maniratnam, said sharing her observation around changing trends in film industry at the ABP Network’s ‘The Southern Rising’ Summit.

On being asked if things have changed for women in the industry, Suhasini remarked, “The world of cinema is the same. Women have changed. They have begun standing-up for themselves.”

Speaking at the session, “Making New Myths – Recreating the Old”, Suhasini recalled how Maniratnam made the historic epic Ponniyin Selvan. “I asked him not to make this film. After the failure of some of the politic-historic films we make, I was uncertain, if this idea would work,” she revealed and further added, “The thing that worked for the success of PS, was the fact that the story of Ponniyin Selvan has been there in our culture. People loved it even before we made it.”

Speaking at the session, ‘Reinvention and Resurgence – Staying Alive in the Movies’, celebrated actress turned politician, Kushboo Sundar, shared a reflection from her personal life, “I slept like a log after coming out in open of being a victim of child sexual abuse. There’s nothing for me to be ashamed off.”

“We are yet to arrive in the South and it will rule and provide when it arrives.” Khusboo said, sharing her perspective on BJP’s role in the south. She further remarked, “Change takes time. Economy is booming. You cannot blame a party which is ruling for 9 years for unemployment.”

The ‘Southern Rising’ Summit is a convergence of the old and the new, a space where cinematic legends share their wisdom, and emerging talents find inspiration. Conceptualized and instituted by ABP Network, ‘The Southern Rising’ Summit is a tribute to the exceptional growth, cultural opulence, and societal harmony exemplified by the southern states of India. It aims to celebrate the spirit and richness of southern states, united on a singular mission of driving a transformative journey for India. The summit thus witnesses profound deliberations and sharing of insights by the movers and shakers of South Indian states and Union Territories.

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