13, Oct 2023
Digital content creators discuss opportunities and challenges of social media influencers at The Southern Rising Summit

Digital content creators discuss opportunities and challenges of social media influencers at The Southern Rising Summit

Chennai, October 13: Popular digital content creators Chaithania Prakash, Ardhra Sajan, and Deepika Venkatachalam participated in a session titled “Social Media: Playground or Business School?” at ABP Network’s The Southern Rising Summit. They gathered to share their insights on the evolving digital landscape and to discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by social media influencers.

Chaithania Prakash, a digital content creator, shared her perspective, saying, “As influencers, we have a responsibility to ensure that nothing negative impacts our followers. We make sure the content we provide is of high quality to avoid any negative influence on our followers.”

Ardhra Sajan, another Digital Content Creator, spoke about her journey, stating, “Initially, we didn’t know what to do on social media. Our follower count gradually increased, which brought a sense of responsibility. I started promoting products, but I received negative comments. So, I became more selective in my promotions to be a trusted influencer. The number of followers doesn’t matter; what’s important is the value we provide and our personal growth. Negative comments about physical appearance don’t bother me. What truly matters is my self-perception, which is what I want to convey to my followers.”

Highlighting challenges, Deepika Venkatachalam, a digital content creator said, “Some influencers are promoting betting apps, which negatively affect people’s lives, and I find this distressing. Everything is becoming digital, and people are seeking shortcuts. We have a responsibility to follow laws and use hashtags for paid collaborations to make it clear to viewers that it’s a promotional partnership. I believe this is a positive initiative from the government. More than just the numbers, what matters is engagement. Building confidence and engaging with followers is more important.”

The Southern Rising Summit was conceptualized and organized by ABP Network as a tribute to the exceptional growth, cultural richness, and societal harmony exemplified by the southern states of India. The summit aimed to celebrate the spirit and diversity of the southern states, united in a common mission to drive a transformative journey for India. The event featured profound discussions and insights from influential figures in South Indian states and Union Territories.

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