31, Oct 2023
Temple Connect Launches ‘Smart Temples Mission’ to Revolutionize Spiritual Experience with Technology

October 31st, 2023: For centuries, temples have been the epicentres of collective operations management, with tradition and rituals at their core. However, the contemporary era of technological advancements has prompted many temples worldwide to adopt innovative solutions for the convenience of devotees. Temple Connect, the brainchild of Giresh Kulkarni, Founder of Temple Connect and the International Temples Convention & Expo, is spearheading the “Smart Temples Mission” Smart Temples Mission is a unique initiative set to modernize temples by leveraging technology to enhance administration, streamline operations, and improve overall management. This mission addresses a wide range of crucial aspects including safety, security, surveillance, disaster planning & management, mobile toilets or convenience rooms, festival coordination, food management, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), funds management, and more


Smart temples boast an array of features, including state-of-the-art security and monitoring systems that ensure the safety of devotees and their belongings, providing a sense of security. Additionally, digital donation systems Block chain-based donation management systems make contributing to temples more accessible in an era where cashless transactions are preferred. This not only ensures efficiency but also enhances transparency in financial management for temple authorities. Moreover, smart temples play a role in environmental sustainability by efficiently managing resources like electricity and water. The ‘Smart Temples Mission’ is committed to bridging any gaps in the efficient management of the temple ecosystem throughout the country to begin with and extend it globally at all places of devotion and spirituality.

With its extensive network of temples and a presence in over 57 global locations, Temple Connect is actively collaborating with temple trusts, innovators, organizations with specialized solutions, technology providers, and service providers across the globe through the Smart Temples Mission. Their shared mission revolves around ensuring a “Convenience Centric Approach for the Devotee or Pilgrim through the Smart Temples Mission,” which not only boosts temple and pilgrim tourism but also supports the flourishing of temple-dependent economies. Leveraging their wealth of expertise and reach covering over 9,864 temples in various locations, Temple Connect offers easily accessible information online through its social media platforms for devotees of all kinds of temples, big and small.


Giresh Kulkarni, the visionary Founder of Temple Connect and the International Temples Convention & Expo, stated, “We are poised to embark on a transformative journey that aims to deliver a more organized and efficiently structured temple ecosystem for both devotees and temple owners across the segment globally. The introduction of the Smart Temples Mission represents a major milestone in our overarching mission to seamlessly blend ancient wisdom with cutting-edge modern technology.”

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