31, Oct 2023
NMIMS SBM Hyderabad Student Creates History by Topping the Campus at ‘Niti Shastra’ Case Study Competition

Hyderabad, October 2023: Shimir Mishra, a dedicated and studious first-year Master in Business Administration (MBA) student from SVKM’s School of Business Management (SBM) Hyderabad, created history after he was adjudged as the campus winner at the national level case study competition, ‘Niti Shastra’ organised by Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) Pune in the month of August 2023.

‘Niti Shastra’ is a case study competition designed to challenge participants’ ethical reasoning and decision-making skills using a real-world case study. The competition is divided into three rounds. The first round consists of an MCQ round, a quiz that consists of 30 questions related to government policy, economies, rates, public figures, and current affairs. In order to qualify for the next stage, participants are required to get a minimum of 26 questions right. Shimir, armed with knowledge about current affairs and a keen interest in analysing case studies, cleared the first round with ease.

In the subsequent round, participants are provided with a real-life case study and are required to prepare a PowerPoint presentation enlisting the important aspects of the case study and suggesting solutions. In the third round, an expert jury rates the presentations and asks students to demonstrate the ways in which the proposed solutions could be implemented in the real world.

Shimir was provided with a case study about an emission scandal by the car company, Volkswagen, and was required to propose a well-reasoned solution. He thoroughly analysed the case and read about it on verified media portals. His key findings were based on multiple parameters, including, ethical frameworks, stakeholders’ perspectives, and the potential consequences of their proposed actions.

The talented student prepared a comprehensive multi-slide solution based on his findings. According to Shimir, his key learnings from the case study were that managers and decision-makers must follow ethics no matter what the real-life situation. He firmly believes that ethics play an important role in the professional realm and abiding by the rules and regulations helps deal with ethical dilemmas.

Asked about his preparation, Shimir elaborates that he always keeps a keen eye on current affairs, domestic as well as international. He regularly consumes news from leading newspapers like The Hindu and The Economic Times and many other leading news providers. Being a regular at case study competitions, he has learned to follow and thoroughly analyse every real-life case he comes across. He also makes competition-specific preparations in order to stay ahead of the curve. The immense experience gained from participating in a diverse range of competitions has made the process natural for Shimir.

Shimir’s consistent participation in such competitions has helped him in his academic learning too. Managing his academic learning at NMIMS SBM Hyderabad along with preparation for the various co-curricular activities has taught him the important life skill of time management.

Shimir believes that students pursuing an MBA and aspiring to become future business managers must participate in competitions like ‘Niti Shastra’ as they help them to prepare for pre-placement interviews and post-placement offers. The skills and understanding of various topics gained from these competitions help aspiring managers to be better equipped to deal with the challenges of the future. Reflecting on the critical role of such contests in shaping a student’s career, he says, “The deep insights and immense knowledge participants gain from such platforms arms them with a mindset that is critical to their success in their MBA journey.”

Before ‘Niti Shastra’, Shimir had participated in 12 prominent case study competitions, namely, Foresight & Havoc from IIM Bangalore, Flipkart Wired, TVS Credit, Amazon, HUL Lime and more. Even though he succeeded in the preliminary rounds of all the competitions, he could not achieve success in the later stages. The setbacks taught him perseverance and motivated him to participate in more such contests. “The learnings from the previous events have been huge and helped me gain a more mature perspective while preparing for Niti Shastra and other such upcoming contests,” Shimir says, about his learnings from the past.

Shimir attributes his success at Niti Shastra to the immense help and support he received from the esteemed faculty members at NMIMS SBM Hyderabad at every stage of the competition. “All my doubts were promptly cleared and even my PPT was first reviewed by the faculty members at SBM,” he said.

Shimir looks forward to furthering his skills and participating in similar events in the future. He is already competing at prestigious competitions like Trendsetter by DS Group, EY Techlathon, MERCER, and more.

SVKM’s NMIMS Hyderabad encourages an on-campus environment where students are motivated to not only excel at academics but also showcase their talent in co-curricular activities. Shimir’s journey so far has been extremely encouraging and motivating for fellow students and has made the faculty members at NMIMS SBM Hyderabad proud. NMIMS SBM Hyderabad is extremely proud to provide a platform for students like Shimir Mishra to thrive and succeed in their MBA journey.

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