18, Aug 2023
India’s First Green Emergency Medicine Conference concludes successfully

India's First Green Emergency Medicine Conference concludes successfully

The Society for Emergency Medicine, India (SEMI) – Delhi Chapter, in association with official event partners Occassion Xperts, successfully concluded its landmark event “Best Practices in EM v1.0.” today. The conference marked a significant milestone in the field of emergency medicine by showcasing innovative practices while championing environmental sustainability. The event brought together over 200 delegates, including seasoned experts, emerging leaders, and healthcare professionals from across the nation. The conference provided a unique platform for sharing and disseminating practical best practices in emergency medicine, spanning clinical care, administration, research, and communication.

Under the distinguished presence of Shri Sanjay Singh, Special Commissioner of Police, Licensing & Legal, Perception Management & Media Cell, Project Implementation and Technology Division, Delhi, the conference was inaugurated with enthusiasm and commitment towards advancing emergency medicine practices in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal, Vice President of SEMI – North Zone and Organizing Chair, expressed his satisfaction with the event’s success, noting, “We are proud to have facilitated a platform for real-world best practices and knowledge sharing that goes beyond theory. The conference has set a precedent for future events that prioritize both medical excellence and environmental consciousness.” Leading up to the conference, workshops were held across Delhi, catering to diverse aspects of emergency medicine. These workshops received widespread acclaim for their hands-on approach, equipping attendees with practical skills and insights to enhance their respective fields. With a firm commitment to sustainability, the organizing team implemented a range of green initiatives to minimize the conference’s carbon footprint. From going paperless and eliminating plastics to using organic materials and collaborating with a sustainable venue, the team aimed to set new standards for responsible event organization.

Dr. Ankur Verma, President of SEMI-Delhi and Organizing Co-chair, commented, “We are witnessing the power of collective efforts towards a greener future for healthcare events. The success of ‘Best Practices in EM v1.0’ demonstrates that prioritizing the environment can coexist harmoniously with advancing medical excellence.” The conference was made truly remarkable through the involvement of esteemed sustainability consultant, Mr. Ashish Shah, and the expertise of Infinite Solutions, which ensured the event’s carbon neutrality by calculating and offsetting its carbon footprint through the procurement of carbon credits. In retrospect, “Best Practices in EM v1.0” not only celebrated medical innovation but also made history as India’s first certified carbon-neutral healthcare conference. Through interactive sessions, expert presentations, and a shared commitment to ecological responsibility, the event fostered a community of change makers who are driving positive transformation in both healthcare and environmental sustainability.

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