10, Jul 2024
The Winners of the 2024 Ear Worthy Independent Podcast Awards Are Announced

The Winners of the 2024 Ear Worthy Independent Podcast Awards Are Announced

Philadelphia, PA, July 10, 2024 — Ear Worthy – the influential podcast online publication – has announced the Winners of the 2024 Ear Worthy Independent Podcast Awards.

There are many podcasts—hundreds of thousands of them—and a sizable majority are independent podcasts. Podcasting has also found itself awash in awards: The Ambies, iHeart Podcast Awards, People’s Choice Podcast Awards, The Webbys, The Signal Awards, British Podcast Awards, and others.

Yet, with few exceptions, these awards either don’t recognize independent podcasts or have them do battle against their well-financed, network-supported brethren.

“Many bootstrapped indie podcasts have paper-thin budgets and are led by overworked and underappreciated podcasters,” says Frank Racioppi, executive editor of Ear Worthy and owner of Willow Grove Communications LLC. “Indie podcasters wear more hats than any network-supported podcaster. They are creator, writer, producer, sound engineer, I.T. troubleshooter, researcher, host, distribution pro, marketing guru, public relations professional, and, most important of all, financial backer for the podcast.”

The Ear Worthy Independent Podcast Awards are sponsored by lenny.fm. This new service works like this: Listeners contribute US$4 a month, which is split between the top 4 podcasts they chose. While not exclusively for independent podcasts, lenny.fm offers indie podcasters a monetization option that was not previously available.

Courtney Carty of lenny.fm says: “We want to help podcasters to be rewarded for their work by people who value it and help drive an overall increase in listeners supporting podcasters.”

The Award Winners are:
Best Overall Podcast of the Year – The Life Shift
Best Interview Podcast – Preconceived
Best Life Lessons Podcast – Multispective
Best Health Podcast – Salad With A Side Of Fries
Best Workplace Podcast – Surfing Corporate
Best Young Adult Podcast – Seraphina Speaks
Best Business Advice Podcast – Bippity Boppity Business
Best Podcasting Success Podcast – Leverage Your Podcast
Best Movie Podcast – Verbal Diorama
Best Film History Podcast – Every Single Sci-Fi Film Ever
Best Music Podcast – Watching The Covers Flow
Best LGBTQIA+ Podcast – Because The Boss Belongs To Us
Best Politics Podcast – Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie
Best History Podcast – Music History Monday
Best True-Crime Podcast – The Murder Sheet
Best Society / Education Podcast – Impostrix
Best Short-Form Podcast – Arielle & Ned’s Daily Tips…
Best Celebrity Accountability Podcast – Trashy Divorces & What A Creep
Best Audio Fiction Podcast – Hobo Code
Best Entrepreneurial Podcast – Nerdpreneur
Best Food / Restaurant Podcast – Fine Dining
Best TV Podcast – Double Take
Best Career Podcast – Who Made You The Boss?
Best Arts & Culture Podcast – The Art Career Podcast
Best Business Processes Podcast – Streamlined Solopreneur
Best Podcast Tips Podcast – One Minute Podcast Tips
Best Americana Podcast – Vanishing Postcards
Winners will receive a digital award, an exclusive article in Ear Worthy, and a public announcement of their outstanding achievements as independent podcasters.

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