13, Jun 2023
What’s behind Anushka Sharma’s big breakfast dilemma? The star sparked a debate to which we can all relate

Mumbai, June 13: When superstar Anushka Sharma posts a cryptic story and Instagram poll first thing in the morning, fans pay attention! Though the multifaceted actor is well known for her commitment to health and fitness, the debate she sparked on this morning has even the experts guessing. Why did the sought-after celebrity make this mysterious request for ideas on what to eat for breakfast?

After her daily morning yoga session, Anushka took to Instagram to share a sneak peek into her daily morning dilemma – how to choose a healthy, balanced breakfast that keeps her full, energetic, and also tastes good? In a candid story typical of her approachable persona, she mentions how she wishes making a reliable breakfast choice was, for once, an easy task. The star’s question was met with a flood of responses to her poll. Fans and influencers weighed in with their opinions and ideas to help the iconic star solve this daily dilemma, which so many of us can relate to.

Anushka Sharma’s

From her stunning debut at the Cannes Film Festival, to her incredibly busy career and jet-setting life, Anushka Sharma (who will be seen soon in Jhulan Goswami’s Chakda Xpress) has always been vocal about how important staying fit and eating healthy, sustainable food options is to her. Her question today about how to find the perfect breakfast that is healthy and that she will actually enjoy, struck a chord with fans– we’re all familiar with this everyday dilemma of finding the perfect breakfast!

There is also speculation on whether something else is brewing. Is Anushka planning something more – is a new launch or movement in the works?

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