17, Nov 2023
Ancestry unveils it’s wedding edit – Heer: Luxe and lustrous velvets in jewel tones

India, November, 2023:

Ancestry, known for seamlessly blending traditional crafts and modern aesthetics, is delighted to introduce its latest wedding edit – ‘Heer’. The collection is an exquisite tribute to the enduring charm of velvets for the upcoming season of winter weddings.


“Heer” is the brand’s interpretation of a bond shared between two friends at a joyous wedding celebration and is an ode to the strong connection of female friendships. It is imagined on soft and lush velvet with intricate details and signature prints.

“Heer” offers an impressive array of velvet pieces for your wedding festivities with a modern twist. At Ancestry, we celebrate our history and heritage in a contemporary language. Heer is our interpretation of that bond shared with friends, and family that etch a beautiful memory that lives in our hearts forever. It effortlessly caters to every facet of a woman’s life, flawlessly harmonizing fashion and functionality.

The launch of “Heer” is perfectly suited for the forthcoming wedding season. Its luxurious textures and vibrant hues pay homage to the beautiful lush velvet, delivering an enchanting amalgamation of tradition and contemporary along with their signature prints.

Explore the unique collection at Ancestry that celebrates the timeless beauty of Indian craftsmanship. With a touch of timeless grace, the brand continues to weave the threads of tradition and modernity into the fabric and craft.

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