20, Oct 2023
Can Wakefit.co’s mattresses stand up to wrestling showdowns, 150kg weight pressure tests and 50 ton trucks

National, 20 October, 2023: Wakefit.co, India’s leading home and sleep solutions company announced the launch of its new brand film series, “The Unbelievable Mattress”. Designed to exemplify the robustness, innovation, technology, and unmatched durability of Wakefit.co’s mattresses, this series uniquely intertwines unbelievable attempts with moments of humour and lightheartedness. The films present a balance of swift-paced montages, cutting-edge drone footage, and intimate interactions with an engaging host. From hosting unbelievable activities such as a wrestling showdown to 150kg weight tests to driving 50-ton trucks on the mattress, each video is a visual ode to Wakefit.co’s commitment to unparalleled quality and endurance.

(Watch the brand first, second, and third brand films from The Unbelievable Mattress campaign series) Setting the campaign apart is its dual narrative. On one side, viewers witness mattresses facing real-world extreme challenges, reminiscent of rigorous testing. Simultaneously, the viewers are also given a rare behind-the-scenes look into Wakefit.co’s meticulous testing processes, ensuring a clear demonstration of the product’s resilience and durability. The films promise not just an insight into the brand’s world-class standards, but also a viewing experience that is both entertaining and informative.


Nitesh Raj, Brand and Category Lead – Mattresses, Wakefit. co, said “At Wakefit. co, our journey has always been about creating world-class products for our customers. Our TruDensity™ 100% Pure Foam ensures that all our mattresses retain their structural integrity even after years of use & a rigorous 9-point stress test ensures robustness in every product. ‘The Unbelievable Mattress Campaign’ is more than just a marketing endeavour; it is a quirky and vivid reflection of our core ethos. It is a visual showcase that blends the robustness of our product and the playful spirit of our brand.”

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As a brand that cares about its customers, Wakefit. co wanted to showcase the strength and durability of its mattresses. The brand films showcase the robustness of the material technology including its ShapeSense™ (takes the body’s shape without sagging) & XpertGRID™ (3300+ air channels to keep the body cool and provide a balance of soft & firm comfort), in an interesting and fun manner. Wakefit. co’s mattresses are rigorously tested to be highly durable and comfortable, which allows the company to offer industry-best warranties of up to 15 years.

Wakefit. co’s marketing strategy is deeply rooted in a customer-centric approach. The brand consistently strives to deliver informative, quirky, and innovative campaigns, all aimed at fostering a strong connection with its audience while enriching their lives. The newly launched series conceptualised by Spring Marketing Capital and produced by Twilight Entertainment, focuses on raising brand awareness across digital platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. The response and engagement on the already launched films from the series have garnered over 2 million views collectively, with a View Through Rate (VTR) of 40% to 50%. The company is working towards releasing three more films which are part of the series over the next few weeks.

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