10, Jul 2024
Insight Myanmar’s Meditation Related Podcasts Gain Popularity in India

10th July 2024  Myanmar  The Insight Myanmar Podcast is a platform dedicated to exploring the rich tapestry of Myanmar’s spiritual, cultural, and socio-political life on meditation and Buddhist practices.

Through in-depth interviews with meditators, scholars, practitioners, monks, stakeholders, leaders, and activists the podcast delves into personal stories, teachings, and experiences, offering listeners a unique perspective on mindfulness, meditation, and the profound influence of Buddhism in Myanmar as well as the ongoing crisis in the country.

India has one of the largest numbers of Vipassana meditators in the world and a large number of meditators from India, Southeast Asia, USA, Europe, Australia etc are tuning into these podcasts in large numbers. In addition to senior monks, a large number of senior Vipassana teachers like Barry Lapping, Kory Goldberg, Daniel Meyer, Johnathan Crawley, Michael Stein etc have been interviewed for the podcasts.

Joah Mcgee Founder of Insight Myanmar says, “Our podcast aims to foster a deeper understanding of Myanmar’s spiritual heritage and its contemporary relevance. With more than 240 episodes and over 100,000 listeners in different platforms, IMP can significantly contribute to a diverse audience including meditator groups.”

Insight Myanmar is a not-for-profit organization is run by donations from grateful meditators. Reji Varghese a Vipassana meditator from Chennai and Managing Director of Forms and Gears says, my friends and I have got a treasure trove of precious information from Insight Myanmar’s podcasts and we are eager to give back in whatever way or form we can – donations / dana or volunteer service.”

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