30, Sep 2023
Lumina Datamatics Launches Artificial Intelligence Services for Publishers

Lumina Datamatics Launches Artificial Intelligence Services for Publishers

India, September 30, 2023 – Lumina Datamatics, a leading global provider of content and technology solutions, is proud to announce it has launched its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services for Publishers. Lumina Datamatics’ AI will enhance user experience, save time and money, ensure accessibility compliance, and improve assessment development quality.

The AI-powered services include Content Enrichment, Image Recognition, and Assessment Author:

Content Enrichment: Enhance user experience and discoverability. Our AI algorithms can automatically interpret, summarize, categorize, and enrich your content while saving hours of manual work.

Image Recognition: Create alt text for images at an unprecedented speed. The service is built utilizing a Convolutional Neural Network to generate labels for subject images that are transformed into meaningful sentences through Natural Language Processing algorithms.

Assessment Author: An AI-driven item generator that uses large language models to improve the efficiency, consistency, and quality of assessment development. Find out more: https://assessmentauthor.ai/

Mr. Sameer L. Kanodia, Managing Director & CEO, Lumina Datamatics, said, “Publishers have long struggled with efficiently managing massive amounts of digital content. Publishers can now improve the quality and discoverability of their content, reduce their costs, and save time while maintaining the highest content security and data protection.”

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